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    An Image Viewer for TomTom

    This program will turn your tomtom go/one/rider/300/500/700 into a digital frame for viewing pictures. Do not use it when driving... use it just when the unit is at home or for amusing children while you are driving on a known road.

    Revision history

    • 1.00 - July 25, 2006: version 1.00 is out!
    • 1.01 - December 27, 2006: version 1.01 is out: it now works on version 6.x of the TomTom firmware
    • 1.02 - November 27, 2007: version 1.02 is out: it now works uses the full screen of the XL models
    • 2.00 - August 14, 2008: now it reads directly images from .jpg and .png formats (no need for converting them to .ppm), and searches images into the /DCIM directory and subdirectories (standard for some digital cameras)
    • 2.01 - August 26, 2008: minor improvements to image resizing code, and reads /mnt/movinand directory as well

    Important notice

    If you are experiencing problems with the latest 7.xx and 8.00 versions of the tomtom firmware (i.e.: if the altimeter icon does not show at all in the menu, please read here

    Obtaining it

    If you want to use it, you can download it here, then refer to the enclosed README file for installation instructions.

    If you are happy with it, a donation will be greatly appreciated.

    Your TomTom Serial number
    I can accept payments via e-gold as well... please click here if you prefer e-gold instead of paypal; pay, then mail me your model, serial number and payment details. Click here if you do not know what e-gold is.

    And the same with Altergold: click here to pay if you already have an account, or here to learn about altergold and open an account


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