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    Notes on NavCore 7 and 8

    Some user complained that, after installing NavCore 8 on their tomtom, the altimeter and wildtom icons disappeared from the tomtom menu. The same applies to latest version 7.xx (I tested it on 7.540)

    Since the latest 7.x firmware, adding a .cap file in the SdkRegistry is not enough to have it appearing on the menu. What you need to do is to REPLACE TomTom menu structure with a brand new menu, that includes pointers to .cap files.

    If you already have a file called TomTom.mnu in your SdkRegistry directory, you should add two lines saying:

    somewhere in the menu (where exactly depends on which page do you want the new programs.

    If there is already a TASK_SDK1, use TASK_SDK2 and TASK_SDK3, respectivey... you can go on up to TASK_SDK9.

    If you do not have TomTom.mnu, you can create one by adding the most common options to a blank menu (I strongly suggest to use a menu builder like the ones available at http://www.gregoryduncan.com/ttmd or http://home.comcast.net/~spheasant1/TTMenu_custom.html, then add the two lines above (well, you can add "SDK program#1" and "SDK program#2" directly from the graphical interface of the menu builder). If you want to try it, you can download my own TomTom.mnu (the zip file should be extrated into the /SdkRegistry directory).

    If, for some reason, you need to revert to tomtom default menus, renaming or moving the .mnu file is all what is needed. Somebody reported that my menu is not complete. I know that there are some undocumented menu entries that can be added.

    Obviously, after I published these info, some user reported that altimeter was working correctly on firmware 8.10, without modifying the tomtom.mnu file... mystery....

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