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    Hobbies and more

    When I do not work, my favourite hobbies are:


    Yes, I admit it, I'm fond, and I learnt how to kook in order to satisfy my golosity; even if the spare time I can allocate to the art of cooking is not constant, I try to keep exercised. I also maintain a recipe site (in Italian).

    Skiing, hiking, biking, swimming

    Sea or mountians? Both! During the week I work in a city, but whenever it is possible I escape and I go on hills, mountains, or at the sea; I like to perform a variety of sports, even if I'm not very goot at none: cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, biking, and walking in the Alps..

    A very particular experience I did was to reach Lourdes by feet.


    BUT NOT ON THE WEB!!!! I mean to sail in the sea or to row on a river, and do not miss the Carton Rapid Race.

    Under the water

    Scuba diving is another of my favourite sports, with the Sportidea/Caleidos society.

    Always on the nature side

    I'm a WWF supporter since a long time, but only recently I became an activist.


    Sometimes I like to take pictures of our world. Click here if you want to see something (italian only, sorry)

    I also wrote a little Automovie program for Windows Live Movie Maker 2010/2011.

    And, since I'm a hacker and a Nikon fan, I wrote something I discovered about Nikon Picture Project


    Since 2002 I'm a motor-biker as well


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