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    Carton Rapid Race

    What is it? It's an amazing competition, organized every year by Orco Kayak; it consists in:
    1. Finding a mad crew
    2. Build a cartoon canoe
    3. Have the courage of throwing it into the cold water of an alpine stream
    4. Jump on it and row, hoping to arrive at the end before sinking! These are a few minutes of pure adrenalin!
    Who participated to it knows the basic rule: it is forbidden to miss the next edition!

    For more info, the official site is www.cartonrapidrace.it e vi lascio al mio personale album:


    Will we reach the end?


    Guido was in the USA, and so I disputed the race with Matteo and Marzia... the ship ("Hope is the last one to sink") was good, better than the rowers... we felt off the boat, who continued without us...


    Things went bad. Guido was away, and the crew was integrated with Marzia Cancian and Romain Anne. The carton was good, the project was good, but there was little water... we left our dreams of victory on a rock before the middle of the race, with our boat "Bagnati alla meta" (wet to the target) completely crashed. These two pictures were took before the sinking:


    The brave crew composed by Matteo baldoni, Guido Boella and myself, with a boat called "Vicky", managed to sink at two third of the track; this picture represents the memory of that glorious event:

    Click to enlarge


    I was informed too late to participate.


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