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    This is an useful add-on for Windows Movie Maker Live, that I use for producing great-looking slide shows.


    current version is 2

    From the readme file

    One of the things I did not like in the upgrade from the old Windows Movie Maker (I think it was version 2.6) to the "Live" edition in 2010 was the fact that the automovie function now makes extensive use of the "pan and zoom" effects, and there is no way for switching back to the plain old transition effects.

    On of the things I like is that now .wlmp project files are plain XML, so that I'm able to write my own program to manipulate them.

    This is a simple php script that emulates the old automovie feature. It takes a directory full of .jpg files, an optional directory full of .mp3 files and combines them in a slide show, with a predefined duration for each picture and a transition effect picked at random between all the different effects within the encoded list.

    In order to use it, since I assume you are using Windows, you have to download the PHP interpreter from www.php.net, install it, then place the automovie.php file in any directory on your hard disk, edit it by correcting the settings at the top of the file, open a command prompt, cd to the directory where you placed the automovie program, and type

      php automovie.php
    it will write a .wmlp file... open it, add some titles and your movie is ready!

    This is beerware. You may use it as long as you want, and if you like it, a good way to say thank you is to send me a beer (I'm very curious about tasting beers from all over the world. Contact me via email at roberto@ilpiola.it for shipping details, or if you do not have a particular local beer at hand, send the equivalent amount via paypal to roberto@ilpiola.it ... be sure that an italian pub, brewery or shop will convert it to something nice).

    Thanks to the author of getID3 (http://getid3.org) for the routines for reading.mp3 files.


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