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    Roberto Piola and TomTom

    Good bye Tomtom, welcome Wheredroid

    April 2011: The newest tomtom 1000 are extremely closed, i.e.: they no longer accept to run unofficial software. I moved to the Android platform for re-starting from scratch

    Old stuff...

    Yes, I'm working on improving the TomTom navigation system with some add-ons:
    • An altimeter: yes, it is possible to extract the altitude from GPS data, but your standard Tom Tom does not display it. AVAILABLE NOW
    • A recorder for keeping track of your travel (or for keeping track of the travels of your subordinates/husband, etc.). Available with WildTom (see next point).
    • An off-road tracker, so that you'll never get lost, not even when there is not a map. (It is project WildTom, now available)
    • Some advice about an alternative method for car-mounting the rider (since the official car-mounting kit is not yet available in Italy)
    • Personalized welcome screen: AVAILABLE NOW. Please contact me.
    • An image viewer: AVAILABLE NOW and released as shareware: it will turn your tomtom go/one/rider/300/500/700 into a digital frame for viewing pictures.
    • A Bluetooth console. You can try it by downloading tt-bt-net2.zip and following the instructions in the readme file (the tt-bt-net2, released on aug 4, 2006, contains the missing executable rfcomm... it was obtained from the opentom 0.0.3 distribution).
    • A telnet server: you'll be able to telnet via Bluetooth to your Tomtom Rider or GO 500/700 for debugging programs (this will save you 150$ of base station and serial cable, if you are a developer; it needs a Linux box with bluetooth and a connection established as described in http://www.fenrus.org/tomtom/): BETA. please contact me for details.
    • A general bitmap navigator: put a map in your scanner, digitize it, upload it on the TomTom, fix two points and use it! (planned)
    • Anything else you may pay me for (let's discuss it)
    Please contact me for more details.

    Actually, everything is developed for the Rider model, and should work on the Go series... maybe some of them will work on the One as well... if you have a TomTom One and you want to try, I'll be glad to send you everything. Why the Navigator and the classic are not covered? simply because they are a completely different platform (they are windows based instead of linux based)

    Moreover, I started collecting some developer information about the tomtom platform, a short program for converting a tomtom screen dump to a standard file and a program to read battery status. You can use them and contribute.

    If you are trying to compile libpng, these short notes

    Important notice applying to all my programs

    If you are experiencing problems with the latest 7.xx and 8.00 versions of the tomtom firmware (i.e.: if the altimeter icon does not show at all in the menu, please read here

    Mailing list

    I manage a small mailing list for announces. if you are interested, you can: read old messages or subscribe.


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