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    Qui ci sono alcune informazioni sui rami svizzeri e francesi dei Piola:

    Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 21:40:22 +0200
    From: Jean-Marie Piola 
    Organization: Info-Logo SA
    To: Roberto Piola 
    Subject: Re: Omonimy? Relative?
    Re-hello Mister Piola,
    I have a look on your pages, what kind of informations do you
    need ?
    There's others Piola in Geneva :
    * Michel PIOLA : he's a famous Alpine Guide, many people knows him
    here in Switzerland, but personaly, I don't. I can contact him,
    and try to have some informations, if you want to.
    I don't know if he has an E-mail address. His post address is : 
    * Roger PIOLA : I don't know anything about him. Address :
    * My father is dead, but his wife is young and alive. Her name
    is Jacqueline PIOLA. I have a little sister ( 6 years old ), and
    her name is Elissa PIOLA.
    If you need some Heraldic informations, I can help. I have a ring
    with our Heraldic sign on it, if you want, I can design it and send
    you a gif. 
    About myself : born in 12.04.64, I'm "informatico", Webmaster 
    for Info-Logo, you can check that at :
    Sorry it's in french.
    I have an information, there's a part of our family that, after
    Italy, went to France, their name was PIORA, but we have to check
    Say what you need, I will be happy to help.
         JM PIOLA - Info-Logo SA
    Sails & Purchases Manager - E2 section
             -  Webmaster -
     Check at :
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