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    Marcos Piolla

    Dear Roberto,

    I've finally found time to search for other Piollas or Piolas on the web. And I've found you.

    I am son of Isi Piolla and grand son of Roberto Piolla who is mentioned by Luiza Piolla in your website. It's kind of embarassing, but some Piollas that came to Brasil had more than one family. My grand father Roberto started a relationship with Luiza's mother and his marriage with my grand mother ended by the time I was born in 1967. I saw Luiza only once at the sad event of my grand father's passing away. She was about 15, I believe... I wish her and her family good luck.

    But the reason I'm writing is that I'd like to be listed in your website. I am, as lots of our family members, an artist. I'm specialized in Illustration, watercolors, traditional and CG Animation. I work as an Animator at TV Globo, brazilian top TV network and world's fourth. We are the greatest audio visual content producers in the world. You can see some of my work at my blog

    I saw that we have some athletes in the family as well. Though I am a terrible soccer player, I was an athlete either. I started Karate-Do in 1980 and was member of the Rio de Janeiro Team and Brazilian Champion in 1991. I'm away from competitions but recently began training again.

    I have an 8 years old daughter, JĂșlia Amaral Piolla Rego and she was very happy to know there are lots of Piolas out there.

    I'd like to keep in touch and to know more about the Piola family. It's a petty I haven't found you earlier because I've just came back from 10 days in Italy. I went to Verona, Venezia, Firenze and Roma. I loved it!

    Feel free to contact me whenever you like. Best regards,

    .Marcos Piolla.
    TV Globo VFX
    Senior Animator

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