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    All Piolas in the world

    Agitated by the curiosity about my name, I started to collect informations about all Piolas on the Net and in the Real World.

    General informations

    The word ``Piola" has at least four meanings: in Piedmuntish idiom it means ``wine pub" or also ``axe"; in lunfardo (argentinian slang) it means ``cool" and in Spanish seafaring jargon is a rope; the Portuguese dictionary translates "Piola" into "string, cord"; while near Urbino (central Italy), Piola is a particular kind of step, made in masonry, for avoiding falls with the snow.

    The provenience of our family is north-western Italy (Piedmont and Ligury); correct me if I'm wrong. From there, some Piolas emigrated to South America, to Switzerland and, from there, to France.

    A map with the distribution of the name is available at
    In Brazil, the name was erroneously transcribed as ``Piolla".

    In Piedmont there is also the ``Piol" variant, and ``Piora" in France

    Claudio Tartari wrote me: the noble family Piola from Inzago - documented there since XIV century - has original name "De Prioris", then muteted into Piola.

    Famous Piolas

    Pellegro Piola, painter
    1617-1640, whose work is described in the monography Pellegro Piola "ars longa vita brevis" (Genova, Nuova Editrice Genovese, 1993) by Virgilio Zanolla
    Domenico Piola, painter
    1627-1703, son of Pellegro, working in Ligury;
    Paolo Gerolamo Piola, painter
    1666-1724, working in Ligury
    Anton Maria, Giovanni Battista, Margherita and others
    all painters working in Ligury
    Gabrio Piola, scientist
    in XIX century; an entire page is dedicated to him
    José Piola
    Well-known person and respected in its time,was reminded with a just homage in the city of Presidente Prudente, state of São Paulo, Brazil. There, his name was given to a street;
    Silvio Piola, soccer player, more famous than his grand-grandson Alonso, who plays football as well in the minor italian league
    famous in the 1938 Italian Team;
    (?Andrea?) Piola Caselli, jurist
    XX century
    Chuck Piola
    salesman, named The King of Cold Calls
    Giorgio Piola, sports reporter
    coming from Santa Margherita Ligure (GE), specialized on F1 races
    There is also a city named Piola, in Florida (USA), and a Piola is one of the founders of the Bank of Italy in Uruguay.

    Piolas on the net (will they be famous?)

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    Family tree

    This page contains a small part of our family tree.

    You can look at it for locating common ancestors; please contact me if you know how to extend it!

    More info?

    If you have some informations to be added to this site, or if you want to be added to this list, please mail me (

    Useful links and provide informations about immigrants in Brazil. 51 Piola are listed as immigrants form Italy in 1889-1894 (thanks to Décio Antonio Piola).


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